Does DermaWand Hurt and Other Frequently Asked Questions

The DermaWand is an amazing handheld device that harnesses the same radio frequency technology as used in better spas and cosmetic clinics for treating the appearance of aging. It is safe for in-home use and can be used by anyone, rather than having to be administered by a professional, because it uses lower amplitude.  Appointments for similar treatments as administered by professionals can cost thousands of dollars. The DermaWand offers a cost-effective alternative conveniently in the comfort and privacy of your own home. For the price of the DermaWand (which is less than the cost of just one professional radio frequency treatment in a cosmetic clinic), a person can get their very own ‘magic wand'.
After reading about such an exciting product, it would be natural to have some questions.

Answers to Common DermaWand FAQs

Q:           Does DermaWand Hurt?
A:            No, the DermaWand does not hurt.  The user may feel a slight tingling sensation, however, but as the DermaWand is adjustable, the user can begin their at home treatments at the level of intensity that feels the most comfortable. The tingling effect shouldn't be a deterrent to continued use in any way because after all, many wrinkle treatment products such as creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids can create similar tingling sensations on the skin. This is a normal effect. The user not only feels that the product is working but that generally goes away with regular use. 
Q:           Does DermaWand really work?
A:            Yes, the DermaWand really works. Many people that have used the DermaWand have reported results like the appearance of toned, tightened skin, lifted eyebrows, reduction in pore size, reduced puffiness around the eyes, firmer contours on the face and plumped, more defined lips.
Q:           Is DermaWand a natural solution?
A:            Yes, because the DermaWand is a non-surgical, non-invasive device. The DermaWand uses the same type of technology as that found in high-end spas and cosmetic clinics but at a lower amplitude. This makes it safe for in-home use. The science behind the DermaWand is a fantastic combination of thermal energy, microcurrent and enriched oxygen. This technology works together to help the skin appear more toned and tightened.
Q:           Is DermaWand convenient?
A:            Yes, the DermaWand is incredibly convenient! Not only can the user reap the benefits of spa-like treatments in the comfort of their own home, they can do so in only minutes a day. There is no need to spend time traveling to and from an appointment. DermaWand also offers privacy in addition to convenience, because in can be used on other parts of the body than the face to manage and treat the signs of premature aging.
Q:           Is DermaWand expensive?
A:            No, the DermaWand is not expensive, because for the price of the DermaWand (which is less than the cost of just one professional radio frequency treatment in a cosmetic clinic), the customer can get a safe at home version that they can use anytime and as often as they like.  The high-end spas and cosmetic clinics that offer radio frequency and thermal energy treatments similar to that as delivered by the DermaWand are expensive though;  trained professionals can charge anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 for each appointment. 
The best way to determine if the DermaWand is the right product for you is to see the proof for yourself. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial to answer all your questions, and you will quickly see that not only does DermaWand not hurt, but that in only minutes a day you can effectively treat the appearance of premature aging.
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