Does DermaWand Sting?

The DermaWand is a revolutionary tool that uses radio-frequency thermal energy, micro-current massage and enriched oxygen to instantly stimulate the skin to help improve the appearance of the skin tone and texture.
If you have questions about the DermaWand, there are many wonderful testimonials to be found about this device on the DermaWand company website, independent product review sites and online shopping sites, but these testimonials may not address your specific questions.
Frequently Asked Question pages (FAQ's) can be a great source of information, but sometimes a common question like  ‘Does DermaWand sting?' doesn't appear.  This often occurs because of the terminology used in the question.
For instance, many users may feel a sensation when first using the DermaWand, but the actual term ‘sting' is not really an accurate description of the sensation, therefore the specific question is not addressed and in turn, users looking for this information may find it a bit hard to find.
Read on to find out answers to common, but not-so-frequently-asked questions.

Does DermaWand Hurt?

No, the DermaWand does not hurt or sting.  Some users have reported a slight tingling sensation at first, however, as the DermaWand is adjustable, you can begin your at-home treatments at the level of intensity that feels the most comfortable to you.  Even if you find you do experience the tingling effect, it absolutely shouldn't be a deterrent to continued use. Especially when you consider that, many of the wrinkle treatment products available today, such as creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids, can create similar tingling sensations on the skin.  Should you experience a slight tingling sensation, just remember this is an entirely normal feeling.

What Causes the Tingling Sensation?

You may feel a slight tingling sensation while you are using your DermaWand, and that is because the DermaWand is working to improve the tone and texture of your skin, and you may not be used to how it delivers its amazing combination of science and technology! Any tingling sensation experienced is caused by the way DermaWand incorporates a unique mixture of thermal energy, instant stimulation and enriched oxygen to help massage, stimulate and cleanse the skin.  As such, like with many products, when you are not used to a particular feeling, it may seem strange at first, but can become virtually unnoticeable with continued use.

When Shouldn't I Use the DermaWand?

The DermaWand should not be used if you have a pre-existing conditions such as Rosacea, or have excessive capillaries or blood vessels close to the skin. The DermaWand should also not be used by people who have recently used an acid peel.  As an extra precautionary measure, if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, you should avoid using the DermaWand as well.

Is DermaWand Right for Me?

Barring any of the above-mentioned conditions or issues, DermaWand is perfect for anyone who wants to improve the look of their skin. Many happy owners of the DermaWand have reported seeing remarkable and visible improvements in the tone and texture of their skin. They have noticed that their faces appeared and felt tighter, firmer, younger and more rejuvenated.

Still Have Questions About the DermaWand?

If you still have unresolved questions about the DermaWand and if it is the right product for you, you can still try looking up information online, but a better suggestion would be to take advantage of the free 30-day trial. After all, the very best way to answer the question ‘Does DermaWand sting?' is to see for yourself in the comfort of your own home. 

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